PC: Vivian Li

Email: loey@ucsd.edu
Github; LinkedIn; Twitter

I am a Ph.D. student and computational cognitive scientist in the Department of Psychology at UC San Diego, working with Ed Vul in the Computational Cognition Lab and Adena Schachner in the Mind and Development Lab.

Broadly, I am interested in studying the cognitive processes underlying efficient and strategic human communication. More specifically, I am currently fascinated by adaptive and recursive social inferential processes, i.e. I think about you thinking about me thinking about you, etc.; and what information we know individually and in combination gets updated over the course of an interaction.
Methodologically, I employ computational models, corpus analysis, and behavioral experiments.
Theoretically, I am inspired by Bayesian inference, pragmatics, and game and information theory.
Essentially, I am continually impressed that humans have the cognitive capabilities to teach (and learn), to deceive (and detect deception), and to selectively transmit (and selectively receive) relevant information.

Previously I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester in 2018, majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics, and Statistics, and minoring in Computer Science. During my time there, I primarily conducted research with Steve Piantadosi (colala) and Florian Jaeger (HLP Lab).